KM Rewards Programme Launched

10 June 2024

Ref: 15 - 2024

EN Date: Monday, 10 June 2024, Malta

KM Rewards Programme Launched

Valletta, Malta – Monday, 10th June 2024 – KM Malta Airlines is proud to announce the launch of the KM Rewards programme, a comprehensive loyalty initiative designed to enhance the experience of travellers with the airline and reward them for their custom. This new programme allows persons who travel with KM Malta Airlines and who register to participate in the KM Rewards programme, to earn and manage rewards with ease, offering a variety of exclusive benefits.

KM Rewards participants can earn rewards in two ways:

  • Status Points: Based on the amount of spend, Status Points determine the participant’s tier level (Member/Traveller/Explorer/Pioneer). The higher the participant status, the more exclusive benefits one can enjoy.
  • SkyBux: Earnings are based on the amount of spend and tier level (Member/Traveller/Explorer/Pioneer).

More details on KM Rewards programme are available on the KM Malta Airlines website.

KM Rewards programme participants will gain Status Points and SkyBux for every KM Malta Airlines flight and any Extras booked through the airline’s direct channels. To start earning, participants can simply enter their unique KM Rewards membership number during the booking flow, online check-in, or airport check-in. SkyBux are automatically added to the participant’s account upon completion of their flight. For a customer to obtain their unique KM Rewards membership number, they should register through the KM Malta Airlines website.

KM Rewards participants will also have access to a dedicated KM Rewards App, an innovative part of this new programme. This App allows participants to view their status level, check balances, and access a detailed history of their Rewards Transactions directly on their smartphones.

David Curmi, Executive Chairman of KM Malta Airlines, expressed his enthusiasm for the new programme: “We are excited to launch the KM Rewards programme, which marks another significant milestone in our commitment to continuously providing a better service and rewarding our loyal passengers. This programme offers a user-friendly way for our members to manage their rewards, making their travel experience even more rewarding.”

Mick Sharry, CEO of East2 Technology, the app development company, also commented on the launch: “It is a pleasure to work with KM Malta Airlines on the KM Rewards programme. The goal is to create a platform that is both intuitive and robust, ensuring that users have a smooth experience while accessing their loyalty benefits. This is the first phase of a journey that will see KM Malta Airlines create a unique Maltese Islands digital marketplace in partnership with the local Maltese business community, placing KM Malta Airlines at the forefront of customer innovation. East2 Technology is very proud to be part of this project and looks forward to its success.”

KM Malta Airlines is proactively forging collaborations with partners to broaden the spectrum of opportunities for both earning and spending SkyBux across an extended network of vendors. This initiative will allow participants to enjoy exclusive offers and benefits beyond flights, making the KM Rewards Programme more versatile and valuable.

The KM Rewards App, which complements the new programme by enhancing the KM Rewards participants experience and providing further convenience, is now available for download on App Store and Google Play.


About KM Malta Airlines

KM Malta Airlines is the national airline of the Maltese Islands, operating a modern fleet of aircraft to various destinations in Europe and beyond.

The KM Malta Airlines Summer 2024 schedule will operate from 31st March 2024 through until 26th October 2024, with the airline serving 17 airports across 15 key European cities, namely, Amsterdam, Berlin, Brussels, Catania, Dusseldorf, London Gatwick, London Heathrow, Lyon, Madrid, Milan, Munich, Paris Charles de Gaulle, Paris Orly, Prague, Rome, Vienna and Zurich.

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About East2 Technology

East2 was founded with the vision of creating a radically re-imagined rewards model focused on every member as an individual. The technology platform called eUno, is the most significant change in rewards technology in decades and turns the existing rewards landscape on its head, putting members first and enabling a WEB3 world. eUno is built on three pillars - Individuality, Inclusivity and Value and delivers those for members and businesses alike.

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