Selecting your ideal seat.

Are you more window or more aisle? When you opt for our Business Basic*, Business Value, Business Plus, and Business Flex fares, seat selection is complimentary when booking your ticket. *For our Business Basic ticket holders, a €10 seat fee is charged when choosing our premium Row 1 seats.

Our Economy Flex ticket holders benefit from complimentary seat selection, excluding Row 1 (€8) or Emergency Exit (€6) seats, whilst our Economy Basic, Economy Value, and Economy Plus ticket holders, can either choose to lock in their preferred seat up to 24hours prior to departure at a small charge, OR can take up whatever seats are still available during check-in. When opting to wait until check-in, there is no guarantee that your preferred seat will be available and that seats will be together.

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For our Economy Basic, Economy Value, Economy Plus ticket holders, we've outlined the following seat fees when locking in your seat when making your booking:

Seat prices excluding Catania:

Economy Basic
*Row 1 €14
**Front €10
Emergency (extra leg room) €12
***Regular €8
Economy Value
*Row 1 €12
**Front €5
Emergency (extra leg room) €10
***Regular €4
Economy Plus
*Row 1 €10
**Front €3
Emergency (extra leg room) €8
***Regular €2
Economy Flex
*Row 1 €8
**Front FREE
Emergency (extra leg room) €6
***Regular FREE

*For Economy ticket holders, Row 1 is only available when the flights is operated as all Economy.

**Behind Business Class and forward of the Emergency Exit row.

***Rear of the Emergency Exit row.

Seat Prices for Catania:

Economy Basic
Row 1 €10
*Front €5
Emergency (extra leg room) €8
**Regular €3
Economy Value
Row 1 €8
*Front €3
Emergency (extra leg room) €6
**Regular €2
Economy Plus
Row 1 €6
*Front €2
Emergency (extra leg room) €4
**Regular €1
Economy Flex
Row 1 €4
*Front FREE
Emergency (extra leg room) €2
**Regular FREE

*Forward of the Emergency Exit row

**Rear of the Emergency Exit row



To secure your preferred seat, you can purchase it when making your flight booking online, by calling on +356 21 356 000, or visiting our Sales Office at Malta International Airport.

Important Details to Note:

As you prepare for your flight, here are a few essential details to keep in mind:

  • Your safety is our priority, and we may need to assign you a different seat to comply with international safety procedures on board
  • For emergency exit row seat, the final allocation can only be completed during check-in to ensure all passengers meet safety and operational requirements
  • Due to international safety regulations, the following passengers are not eligible for seats in the emergency exit row or seats 1C and 1D: 
    • Infants, expectant mothers, unaccompanied minors, persons with reduced mobility, vision and hearing impaired, comprehension restricted, those who cannot reach an exit unaided, children under the age of 12 years, and customers requiring the use of an extension seat belt.

Explore our different travel classes and discover the various benefits associated with our offerings. We can't wait to welcome you on board!